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Im Casey. Im a Photographer. My lens primarily captures the world of music, but the bigger picture I aim for is preserving the stories of individuals through timeless yet contemporary photography - Onstage and off. 

Someone once told me that I make people look how they want to look on stage, and I've taken that to be a mighty fine description of what I do. I approach music photography with the idea of making an image that is meant to sound like the artist's music - whatever the sound. 

Im located in the Lowertown District of St. Paul Minnesota, and can often be found in surrounding restaurants, and enjoying concerts Im not photographing. It's still fun to be a fan when im not working. Like most photographers, Im a coffee snob, and have been enjoying exploring the world of film photography. My other interests involve wrenching on my 30 year old station wagon, spinning records, and sometimes attempting to play music.  

I'm always open to conversations about collaborations, upcoming shows, or studio sessions that could benefit from my photography skills. If you're hitting the road on tour, I'd happily hop on a bus or van to document your journey through my lens. But you can also reach out just to chat about music – I'm all ears.

Follow me on one of many social media outlets. Currently available for hire anywhere that isn't cold. Thanks for stopping by!

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